Important information - The event

MyWay Forum

This year, you will be accompanied to the Forum by a new web platform: MyWay Forum.This platform will allow you to find out about the companies attending the Forum and the job offers they will be making, as well as to get in touch with recruiters from Tuesday, November 9, in order to prepare for your participation in the Forum.

Each student must complete his or her profile to be presented to companies :CV submission, video presentation, personality test results, etc. Only the CV is mandatory the other steps are optional.

You will be able on this platform:

  • From November 9th, make an appointment with some companies if they offer offers that interest you. This meeting can take place on the day of the event at the company's booth, or in the 3 days following the event via MyWay Forum. 
  • Be sollicité(e) par certaines entreprises qui sont attirées par votre profil approached by certain companies that are attracted by your profile

On the day of the event, MyWay Forum will be used as a digital CV libraryNo need to bring ten paper CVs, your phone will be enough to transmit your CV. How does it work? When you arrive at a company's booth, if you want to share your profile with a recruiter, scan the QR Code that he or she presents to you and he or she will instantly have access to your profile on his or her computer. Once the QR Code is scanned, the company will be able to continue accessing your profile until December 31, 2021.

If you want to continue your conversation with a recruiter, but you don't have enough time, suggest a virtual meeting. It will take place on MyWay Forum within 3 days following the Forum. 

How to access the event

The event is exclusively reserved for CentraleSupélec students (current or former).

To access the event, you will need :

  • Student card or CS school certificate (for MS/MR/Doctoral students, please bring your school certificate)
  • For alumni: an ID card
  • A professional outfit
  • A valid Health pass valide
  • An anti-covid mask


You can also reserve a meal for lunch! You will find the ticketing below and the proposed menu.
Points of sale (info point and catering point) will also be available on site on the day.

Lunches and coffee meetings

From 2/11 at 12pm until 8/11 at 6pm, you can apply for the lunches and coffee meetings proposed by the companies. To do so, you must share your CV with them.
The companies will choose among these CVs to select the students they want to meet.
You will have the answer to your application during the day of November 12..